– Zunino Ignestam Studio

The visual artists Lena Ignestam (Sweden) and Carina Zunino (Denmark)
established  Zunino Ignestam Studio in 2013 as a collaborative creative
partnership. They work from both Malmo and Copenhagen.


”While creating works for public spaces our focus is that the piece has a clear anchoring to the place it is created for. It is important to us that it brings with it a new identity, definition, poetry and durability.

We work towards a new understanding of space and place. We want to expand the viewers’ experience of their surroundings. To create a sense of magic. An opening from which to gain new knowledge and insight.

Our outlook for working with art in public spaces is that the art is art and not an ornamentation of something or other. We feel strongly that the outcome is best when we maintain an open line of communication in the development of our works.
At the outset of each new collaboration we keep both our dialogue and ideas open to each others’ artistic input. There is no ownership over ideas. The unique qualities inherent in these works of art are born through the interaction of our conversations and thoughts. In other words, we are open and open to influence in all stages – from the artistic process that starts with us to collaborations with all partners involved in developing a particular project. We believe that when we remain flexible throughout our work process and clear in our vision that our art works for public spaces have the best possible conditions. Through dialogue we believe that we can live up to the responsibility that it takes to deliver high quality art every time.

By nature, works for public spaces are born within a complex context that involves many players. In order to deal with this complexity we have developed The Flip Flop Workshop. These workshops include talks, reflection and results, concrete assignments and the collaborative development of ideas. With the workshop as a tool our wish is to open up a greater understanding of all the differing perspectives that come together in realizing a project. We want to reinforce the feeling that everyone is working towards a common goal – that of a perfectly integrated and sustainable site-specific work.

The quality of the art we make for public spaces is heightened by creating through dialogue. This is our ambition.”

Älvdalen 2012Carina and Lena at Wasasten quarry in Dalarna, Sweden, handpicking rocks for Drop Rock.


Carina Zunino

Carina Zunino (1974) graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, 2001.
She investigates space, experience and memory working with the intersection between photography, sculpture and printmaking. This intersection creates a sophisticated aesthetic and merge with the spectators’ physical space. Zunino uses Nature’s (outer) manifestations and our (inner) image bank as the point of departure for a discussion of the different aspects of our human presence in the world.

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Lena Ignestam

Lena Ignestam (1965) is educated at The Royal Art Academy in Copenhagen, and graduated 1999. She works mainly with sculpture and installations, drawing, artist books and animation. Her pieces deals with the theme of the change and transformations of norms, the manipulation and resolution of values and ideals. Recurrent theme for her works spirit and appearance: poetry, horror, humour and reflection.

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