April – September 2018, Malmö, Sweden 

Workshop: Children’s Sculpture Park
In preparation for creating a permanent public work of art in children’s own upbringing environment, we held workshops once a week for children in the Rosengård district over the course of six months. The workshop provided knowledge in artistic processes, idea and sketch development, various materials and techniques, collaborative processes and presentation techniques. The result was the sculpture The Love Of Birds (Fågelkärleken), which is based on experiences from the workshop period.

More about Children’s Sculpture Park

Arranged by: Drömmarnas hus/The House of Dreams, Malmö municipality and Malmö Förskönings-och Planteringsförening (The Society for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Green Parks in Malmö)
Place: Drömmarnas hus, Rosengård, Malmö
Participants: Five locale children, age 9 – 12
Time frame: Six months.