Between and old and new town (The Jewel Rock) 2012

Commission proposal for the square at Caroli,  Malmö, Sweden.
Done by Zunino Ignestam Studio


In connection with the restoring of the old area of Caroli in Malmö, Zunino Ignestam Studio were invited and participated in the competition for creating a public artwork with the specific material; light. The competition proposal was entitled “Between an old and a new town”.
The concept for “Between an old and a new town” consists of a large glass sculpture in the shape of a luminous jewel that has occurred out of the ground.
On the outside of the glass sculpture the surface is glossy and reflects the city surroundings and the light of day. On the inside the glass is frosted and the sculpture appear semi-transparent. The sculpture is built in a light stainless steel construction that stand out as a three-dimensional drawing in the city space.
Inside the sculpture the light pulsates like a slow “breath” in the evening and at night.
Very slowly a colour of light appears in the bottom, it increases in strength and intensity as it in a slow motion moves up through the jewel. As it reaches the top the light changes into a new colour and slowly fades away. After that a new breath of light begins at the bottom, a new colour begins the movement through the jewel.
A wooden bench is constructed on the ground so that it follows the shape of the jewel. The bench works as a meeting point and resting place for the inhabitants and guests that visit the square by Caroli.