Umbrella Hill 2014

Commission for Vellinge municipality. A proposal for a roundabout along highway 100, in the south of Sweden.



Proposal for an artistic ornamentation of a roundabout in Vellinge County.

” It was a fine and sunny day at the beach when the wind suddenly increased in intensity. In a matter of seconds it tore the parasols out of the sand and they flew wildly across the earth. A short distance from the ocean a few parasols dug their way into a small hill and with time nature completely overtook them”

The roundabout on Route 100 is situated in a country setting with green fields, ocean views and a few low buildings; a gas station, individual homes and some shops are hidden behind high green trees.


Umbrella Hill consists of a cultivated configuration within the terrain of the roundabouts’ circular formation. Large, stylized parasol figures are placed on a rolling hill in an organized chaos.

The hill and parasol figures are formed into the earth together with a variety of plants and flowers that are selected specifically for this setting and the esthetic language that they bring.


The inspiration comes from the close and intimate interaction between people and nature that can be found along the coast in this part of the country.
Umbrella Hill evolved with a focus on these three areas:
that the art work  does not in any way minimize the safety provided by the roundabout.
that the art work offers an appealingly beautiful entry to the area
to use the reference point of the encounter between people and the oceans’ calm and wild sides

Umbrella Hill is the interplay between art, functionality and engineering.



Photo visualisations: Bjørn Pierri Enevoldsen
Animation: ZIS / Lena Ignestam