The Flip Flop Workshop by Zunino Ignestam Studio



The Flip – Flop Workshop is a process of mapping your thoughts and considerations while facilitating new ideas for your particular art project in a given public space.

Flip – Flop workshops create room for dialogue and developmental collaborations in areas that relate to art in public spaces. Areas such as
approaches to analyzing the local urban space, perspectives in a public sector context with its’ many users, ways of thinking about the art itself and its function at a specific site and creative forms for audience participation.

The workshop is built up around presentations, shared reflections, specific tasks and the joint development of ideas and intentions. During the workshop itself we use MUVI picture cards. These picture cards that can be used to qualify and nuance the visions we work with and in this way make sure that everyone is working towards a common goal.

The workshops’ objective is to ensure that all potential ideas are brought to the surface. As a result you will have a renewed point of departure with which to continue the development of your art project with

For bookings or any questions you may have please contact:

Denmark: +45 26350928
Sweden: +46 (0)733 244365