Future playground – Silkeborg plays

DSC_0286Workshop with 60 children in Silkeborg, Denmark.
Zunino Ignestam Studio developed the workshops with inspiration in Asger Jorn’s playful methods for creating art.
A collaboration with Museum Jorn for Silkeborg Municipality, and SLA Landscape Architects

Asgar Jorn – The playful human
Jorn said art can be seen as a living force in the world. He threw a cup of ink 3 meters down on a printing plate. Out of the spontaneous movement, abstract visual expressions appeared in his works.
 Jorn’s approach to space and architecture was to make the experience of space more vibrant and unpredictable; his works were based on a bodily experience of space and through collective experiments he would give a more social spatial experience.
 The relationship to play was one of the most important aspects of art for Jorn, he believed that through the collective play and through the joint participation he finds artistic inspiration.
 We took Jorn’s thoughts on art, play and approaches to spatial architecture and movement into the children’s workshops. We was inspired by Jorn’s actions and ideas, and we planned playful actions and temporary  happenings in Silkeborg’s urban space performed by children. Through these actions, formulations about the urban space as an artistic playground can be taken as a starting point to develop and create new playgrounds in the future.

The workshop was for two days. The first day consisted of practical activities in the city, at an old cinema in Silkeborg’s center. We had made three stations that the children switched between: the Circle Palace, the City of the Ants and the Wall of the Dots. At the end of the day, the children carried the Circle Palace through the city to Museum Jorn. The following day there was a follow-up to the museum with different exercises: writing and drawing stories about the  City of the Ants, gathering the Circle Palace into a sculpture and watching a stop motion film of how the Wall of the Dots emerged. <