The visual artists Lena Ignestam (Sweden) and Carina Zunino (Denmark)
established Zunino Ignestam Studio in 2013 as a collaborative creative
partnership. They work from both Malmo and Copenhagen.

While creating works for public spaces our focus is that the piece has a clear anchoring to the place it is created for.
It is important to us that it brings with it a new identity, definition, poetry and durability.

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News  2017:
Summer 2017: 1:1 Stardust / 1:1 Stjärnfall. Public outdoor artwork for Gamlestadskolan, Gothenburg (SE).

⤷ Fall 2017: Commissonproposal for cycle tunnel under road, public artwork in Växjö (SE). Invited contest.

⤷ Faxe Geomuseum, Denmark May 12 – Oct 29: See our winning proposal, sketches and model for the artwork Sub Mari – Under the Water.

⤷ April-May: Skapande skola/ Creative School-project – big mosaic-workshop with 220 students at Nya Östra Skolan/ New Easern School in Eslöv, where we 2016 did the public artwork Source of Wisdom.

⤷ Spring 2017: Proposals for two new public artworks to Elmeskolan, Älmhult and Ljungfälleskolan, Växjö, Sweden. Invited contests.